Our thoughts on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

What should we do to protect ourselves today?

With the current concerns around a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to take care of ourselves and each other.

Here is a list of simple steps you can take (aside from stocking up on toilet paper) to give your body its best chance of being resilient:

  • Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin C including berries, citrus fruits and dark leafy greens.

  • Eat raw garlic – it’s one of nature’s best antimicrobials!

  • Add warming spices to your diet: chai spices, ginger, cayenne pepper.

  • Your gut is where 80% of your immune system lies – support it with probiotic-rich foods such as fermented vegetables (kimchi, sauerkraut) or yoghurt that contains live cultures.

  • Take a deep breath – stress will suppress your immune system and increase your susceptibility to infections.

  • Get enough sleep and maintain regular moderate exercise. Vigorous exercise can suppress your immune system function and is best avoided if you are unwell.

  • If suspect you are getting sick, don’t panic – try to minimise your contact with other people and call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 to clarify your further steps.

How we can support you:

Stay well and look after yourself and your loved ones!

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